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$150.00 minimum order requirement for domestic shipments.
For orders less than $150.00 but greater than $100.00 there will be a $35.00 handling fee.
$300.00 minimum order for exports.
AMS Angles and Back Plates Used to Join Frame Corners
Contact AMS Customer Service for Special Pricing on Larger Quantities.
AMS Corner Assembly Crimping Angles used to assemble metal and plastic backloaders with profile as illustrated below.

For Metal Backloaders

  Made in the USA
Plated zinc clear, 16-gauge, 5/8-inch (15.9mm) wide: 5231B1-10M   10,000/drum

5231B1-PM   1,700/box
$ 52.00 / M

$ 67.94 / M
Plated zinc clear, 16-gauge, 0.0595-inch (15.1mm) wide: 5231B4-10M   10,000/drum

5231B4-PM   1,700/box
$ 52.00 / M

$ 67.94 / M

AMS "Impressor" Crimping Machine   Made in the USA

The AMS #CMD-B3 Crimping Machine joins Plastic and Aluminum Backloaded Mouldings. The work station is free-standing with the joining mechanism built into a 61cm x 91cm (24 x 36) wood composite work surface mounted on a sturdy steel frame. The 91cm (36) high work surface is permanently tilted at a 45 angle.

The AMS Impressor is a foot-activated pneumatic unit. It can join frames as small as 12.7cm x 12.7cm (5 x 5). Contact AMS for information on how to produce backloading frames with 8.9cm (3.5) sides or for mouldings requiring other width joining angles.

For use with AMS corner joining (crimping) angles #523-1B1 (15.9mm / 5/8 wide), #523-1B4 (15.1mm / 0.595 wide) and #523-1B3 (12.7mm / 1/2 wide) -- see specifications in drawings below.

AMS Impressor with either CMDI-2-1 or CMDI-3 diehead: CMD-B3 $ 4600.00
Diehead used with #523-1B1 or #523-1B4 joining angles:     CMDI-2-1 $ 550.00
Diehead used with #523-1B3 joining angles:     CMDI-3 $ 550.00
Beam Torque Wrench and Scale - helps adjust die head.:   CMD-TORQ $ 89.00

AMS Corner Assembly Barbed Angles for #523 Backload Aluminum Profiles - Manually forced into #523 extrusion; high barbs.
Plated zinc yellow: 523-1A-2   10,000/box Call for quote.       Made in the USA

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