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$150.00 minimum order requirement for domestic shipments.
For orders less than $150.00 but greater than $100.00 there will be a $35.00 handling fee.
$300.00 minimum order for exports.
AMS Screwdrivers and Accessories
Contact AMS Customer Service for Special Pricing on Larger Quantities.
Pneumatic Screwdriver
Now with a specially modified torque speed specifically for working with picture frames

The AMS Pneumatic Screwdriver with push-to-start system has a switch to quickly toggle from forward to reverse. This screwdriver’s torque is fully adjustable.

See AMS Screwdriver Accessories listed below to make assembling frames and attaching hardware quick and efficient.
  Pneumatic screwdriver 93PSD45 $ 355.00 / Each
Screwdriver Accessories
Use the AMS Premium Magnetic Bit Holder to magnetize a standard bit so that screws stay on the bit without having to hold onto the screw. A ring inside this holder firmly holds bit into place. Machined from one piece of stainless steel. MAG-HD $ 18.00 / Each
Rub bits inside the AMS Magnetizer to keep the bits magnetized and holding on to screws. AMSSMAG $ 18.00 / Each
AMS Sleeve easily finds headless slotted set screws that are pre-started on AMS angles and hangers. 11-SLEEVE

$ 47.00 / Each
Driver bit used with AMS #F1301 and #F1303 screws. AMSSBIT1 $ 20.00 / Each
Short Bit for wood screws #4 size head or smaller. BIT1XS $ 7.00 / Each
Long Bit for wood screws #4 size head or smaller. BIT1XL $ 2.85 / Each
Short Bit for wood screws #5 up to #10 size head. BIT2XS $ 3.25 / Each
Long Bit for wood screws #5 up to #10 size head. BIT2XL $ 3.00 / Each

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