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$150.00 minimum order requirement for domestic shipments.
For orders less than $150.00 but greater than $100.00 there will be a $35.00 handling fee.
$300.00 minimum order for exports.
AMS Angles and Back Plates Used to Join Frame Corners
Contact AMS Customer Service for Special Pricing on Larger Quantities.
AMS Standard Threaded Angles pre-started with slotted headless screws. Use with #11212, #11224, or #120C Plate Angles in standard #11 extrusion hardware channel. (Former AMS code # 11-1B-1 and 11-1B-1X) 1B1-1MK
$ 81.75 / M
AMS Standard Threaded Angles pre-started with longer, yellow slotted headless screws to eliminate need for plate angles. Recommended for standard frames with glass no larger than 20 x 24" (51 x 61cm). When used with back plates, screws will protrude from back of frame. The #1BC Domed Angle is recommended as a good replacement for this angle. (Former AMS code # 11-1B-2) 1B2-1MK
$ 108.00 / M
Extra Biased version of the AMS Standard Threaded Angles pre-started with slotted headless screws. The added bias may offer tighter front joins for frames: (a) supporting heavy objects, (b) made from profiles with large distance from front to rear, (c) with sections poorly cut, or (d) with slightly twisted mouldings.

These angles are not for standard use due to increased possibility of back gap in corner join. Cannot be used with #11224 Extra Thick Plate Angles. Plated zinc yellow for identification. (Former AMS code # 11-1B-1MB)
1BMB-1000 Call for quote.
AMS Standard Threaded Angles pre-started with combination slotted/hex socket headless screws. Caution: screws may break when using a ball driver. 11-1B-3
Call for quote
AMS Standard Threaded Angles pre-started with hex socket headless screws that are not staked. These screws will not break when using a ball driver. 11-1B-4
Call for quote.
AMS Standard Threaded Angles pre-started on reverse side with slotted set screws. These angles may minimize back gap in corner join when using mouldings with overly biased hardware channels or mitre cuts. 11-1B-1-R
Call for quote.
AMS Thick Aluminum Angles pre-started with slotted headless screws. These angles almost entirely fill hardware channel; hence no back plate is required. 11-1E-1
Call for quote.
AMS Standard 1/4-28 Threaded Angles with no screws pre-started. 11-1B-0
Call for quote.
AMS #11 Back Plate Angles are used together with AMS #11 Threaded Angles to assemble standard #11 aluminum frames. Back Plates protect frames from distortion that can be caused by pressure from screws and help to cleanly adjoin corners.

AMS Standard Back Plates made from full hard steel. Use with all AMS #11 Threaded Angles except for AMS #1B8 Thick Angles.

$ 17.80 / M

$ 19.05 / M
AMS Snug-Fit Back Plates made from full hard steel. 120C-3MK

$ 16.20 / M

$ 17.28 / M
AMS Top channel joining plates for Designer #58 profiles. 11215001MK
$ 109.62 / M
11224 Plate Angle To create added strength to a corner join, replace the 11212 or 122 Plate Angles with the USA-manufactured AMS #11224 Extra Thick Plate Angles.

This plate angle cannot be paired with the AMS #11-1B-1MB max bias angles.

$ 66.70 / M

$ 8.75 / bag
#11 Type Articulated Angles pre-started with 3/16" phillips/slotted head screws can create frames in many shapes. Use with 11-6D Back Plates listed below. 11-1D-1
$ 378.00 / M
Rectangular Steel Plates for use with AMS Articulated Angles, Universal Hangers, Euro Hangers or in frame channels with open floors to facilitate screw engagement. 11-6D

$ 21.60 / M

$ 23.76 / M
Polybags with enough hardware to create one eight-cornered frame. Each bag contains: 8 each 11-1D-1 Articulated Angles and 16 each 11-6D Back Plates. 11-1D-P-1
100 bags/box
$ 5.94 / Bag
Framepaks each contain: 100 each 11-1D-1 Articulated Angles and 200 each 11-6D Back Plates. 11-1D-S-1 $ 59.40 / Box

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