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$150.00 minimum order requirement for domestic shipments.
For orders less than $150.00 but greater than $100.00 there will be a $35.00 handling fee.
$300.00 minimum order for exports.
AMS Specialty Clips Used to Hold Pictures and Matboards Securely in Frames
Contact AMS Customer Service for Special Pricing on Larger Quantities.
“E-Z” Clips for Wood and Plastic Mouldings

AMS “E-Z” Clips are pushed into groove in back of moulding. These clips will firmly hold glass, artwork and backing into place over a wide variety of depths.
Plated zinc clear: EZ-CLIPS     10,000/box Call for quote
Plated black: EZ-CLIP-9     10,000/box
AMS Mini Glass Clips are used for floating a picture between two sheets of glass or backing board.
For proper use of the glass clip, total thickness of frame load must be a minimum of 0.10” (2.6mm) and a maximum of 0.15” (3.8mm).
Also available in brass, black, red, blue and green plating upon request.
Plated zinc clear: GC-1     10,000/box Call for quote
AMS Large Glass Clips are used for floating a picture between two sheets of glass, a backboard,
an easel, 3-D stacked mat boards, etc. Total thickness of frame load must be 0.4” (10mm).
Plated zinc clear: GC-4     10,000/box Call for quote
Plated nickle: GC-41     10,000/box Call for quote
AMS V-Clips hold materials into backload metal and wood frames.
A sawtooth opening allows these clips to double as sawtooth hangers.

For small metal frames, V-Clips can be installed without the additional use of rivets or staples. For large frames, AMS recommends using AMS V-Clip Staples or Rivets to attach V-Clips to backing board. V-Clips used on Wood Frames should always be attached to backing board. See below for Hi Pro machine to install rivets.

For Metal Backloaders

Plated zinc clear, 1.32 mm channel: 523-2F20     23,000/drum Call for quote
Plated zinc clear, 1.42 mm channel: 523-2F21     23,000/drum
Plated zinc clear, 1.62 mm channel: 523-2F22     23,000/drum

AMS Sawtooth Staple Hangers are attached to backing board or wooden frame to receive wall hanger. AMS Presses #AP-2 and #HP-2C with AMS #MPF-04 Die Head can help automate installation of these parts.
Plated zinc clear: 523-3B-1     5000/box Call for quote.
AMS Staples for V-Clips affix V-Clips to backing board. They are installed by pressing part into backing board material. AMS Presses #AP-2 and #HP-2C with AMS #MPF-04 Die Head can help automate installation of these parts.
Plated zinc clear: 523-3A-1     5000/box Discontinued.
AMS New Mini V-Clips -- With Patent Pending Self-Locking Keyhole Opening -- can be used with wood, plastic and aluminum backloading frames. These new clips offer low-cost photo frame production when used with an eyelet installation machine. See below for the new AMS Hi-Pro Eyelet Installer.
Plated zinc clear: 321J-1MK     1000/box Call
Plated zinc clear: 321J-1T     10000/drum for
Plated zinc clear: 321J-PT     35,000/drum Quote
NEW !! Hi-Pro Eyelet Installation Machine -- Made in the EU to AMS Specifications

The new AMS Hi-Pro Eyelet Installation Machine helps reduce frame production costs with pre-installation of eyelets. Boards with pre-installed eyelets can be easily stacked, and clips can be affixed to stored boards as required. Operator can easily select the distance of eyelets from the board edge.

This machine is pneumatic (air-driven) to offer automatic activation with board contact and automatic feeding of eyelets -- this enables easy movement from installed eyelet to next eyelet installation position.

Use with AMS Mini and Standard V-Clips as well as AMS Pivot Springs.

Please contact AMS Customer Service for price quote.  

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