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$300.00 minimum order for exports.
AMS Products for Pressure-Sensitive Print Lamination and Embellishing
Contact AMS Customer Service for Special Pricing on Larger Quantities.
NEW!! Embellishing Gel
AMS Embellishing Gel is a texturizing gel that give prints a more "original" look and feel. It is available in gloss and semi-gloss.

It is recommended that the first time you use AMS Embellishing Gel that you test it on each type of art format. It is best and most widely used with printed offset reproductions, (fine art posters and prints).

Application Methods
Brush Strokes:
Brush strokes can be applied with a foam or camel hair brush. We suggest the 1" foam brush because of the different techniques it allows with a single tool. The broad surface area allows for quick spreading of gel, and the sharp edge an detail out the gel process. Try not to disturb an area already gelled that has set longer than five minutes. S-STROKES is a swoop of the brush in the same direction consistently across the entire art image. recommended for tightly detailed imagery. MIXED UP STROKES are a combination using the roller by first applying a layer of gel and then using a 1" foam brush with added gel to highlight areas. OUTLINING TECHNIQUE is used to mimic the brush stroke of the art image. Mix the gel from thick to thin to create an artistic look.

Roller Method
Apply the gel to the roller, start at the top of the art and pull the roller towards you in a downward, slow and deliberate motion to spread the gel in a feathered, uneven texture. Avoid pushing the roller back and forth or quick motions. This will cause air bubbles.
AMS Embellishing Gel Applications:
.Offset prints and posters

Also available in 55 Gallon (208.2l) Drums.
Contact AMS Customer Service for a quotation.
32 ounces (0.95l) - Semi Gloss ZS32 Call for quote.  
32 ounces (0.95l) - Gloss ZG32  
One gallon (3.79l) - Semi Gloss ZS1  
One gallon (3.79l) - Gloss ZG1  
Five gallon (18.93l) - Semi Gloss ZS5  
Five gallon (18.93l) - Gloss ZG5  

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