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Other AMS Products for Print Lamination and Mounting
Contact AMS Customer Service for Special Pricing on Larger Quantities.
Quickblade Retractable Utility Knife

AMS Quickblade Retractable retractable utility knife features a safety lock to secure blades. This lock is easily released for blade changes. This blade cutter uses standard or Duratip safety blades.
10 Knives per Pack AMCQBR18 $ 110.00 / pack  
Quickblade Autoloading Retractable Knife

AMS Quickblade retractable autoloading knife requires no tools when changing blades due to its one-button blade change mechanism. This blade cutter uses any standard utility blade. 5 blades are included with each package.
10 Knives plus 5 Extra Blades per Pack AMCQBA375 $ 130.00 / pack  

Replacement Blades for Quickblade Knives

Quickblade dispensing box:
Box 100 standard 0.025 blades (10 Boxes per Pack)
AMCQBD325 $ 187.00 / pack  
Standard Utility Blades:
Box 100 blades - 5 per tuck (10 Boxes per Pack)
AMCSB92990 $ 187.00 / pack  
Utility Blades with Safety Tip:
Box 100 blades - 5 per tuck (10 Boxes per Pack)
AMCQBD380 $ 187.00 / pack  
Snappy Hooker Disposable Film Cutter

AMS Snappy Hooker disposable film cutters are made of durable plastic.
10 Cutters per Pack AMCDFC364 $ 31.00 / pack  
Snappy Hooker Film Cutter and Blades

AMS Snappy Hooker film cutter includes 3 blades stored in each knives' handle. Changing blades on this cutter is quick and easy because no tools are required.
10 Film Cutters per Pack AMCSH701 $ 100.00 / pack  
Injector blades:
Clamshell 100 Blades (10 Shells per Pack)
AMCINJ010 $ 27.50 / pack  
Multi-Purpose Retractable Snap Knife and Blades

The AMS Multi-purpose, retractable snap knife with automatic locking mechanism and blade storage compartment is a heavy-duty tool made of steel and rugged plastic. This cutting blade has a rubber grip for comfort and safety. It uses standard 8 PT blades.
10 Cutters per Pack AMCSK233 $ 60.00 / pack  
Large 8-point Snap blades:
5 Blades per Tube (10 Tubes per Pack)
AMCSKB21 $ 50.00 / pack  

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