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$300.00 minimum order for exports.
AMS Screwdrivers and Accessories
Pneumatic Screwdriver Ratchet Screwdriver Automatic Screw Feeders
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Screw Presenter

The new AMS Screw Presenter delivers pan head screws to add automation and speed to the frame assembly process. This machine lines up screws one after the other to make them available for usage. Pick up each screw from the feeder with a magnetized screwdriver bit; then simply push screw into wood frame to attach hangers or other hardware. There is no need to adjust the screws with fingertips, hence screws are efficiently picked up and inserted in one smooth movement.

This system is modular: the feeder rails can be adjusted in less than five minutes to accept screws ranging in size from #0 to #10.
      . Presents screws at a rate of up to 2 screws per second
      . Large hopper holds about 1000 - 1500 screws
      . Solid design will not move -- no tie downs or straps needed
      . Requires use of magnetized bits or a vacuum system
  Automatic Screw Presenter AMSS45 $ 725.00 / Each
Hypro D5000 Automatic-Feed Screwdriver

The new AMS Hypro D5000 Automatic-Feed Screwdriver delivers screws quickly from feeder right through the tip of the screwdriver to add automation and speed to the frame assembly process. Just press screw into frame for screwdriver activation. Spring clutch inserts allow tool to be used both on hardwood and sofwood frames.

      . No waiting for screws -- Presents screws as quickly as you can install them

      . Tool is activated by screw contact with frame

      . Set hopper to accept screw size; screws within defined size can be of varying length

Recommended to use on a workstation set up with air and electricity; Tool should be suspended with the aid of a balancer as reflected in image.
Automatic-Feed Screwdriver D5000 $ 8,500.00 / Each

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