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AMS Screw Products
Contact AMS Customer Service for Special Pricing on Larger Quantities.
Screws to use in Threaded Angles and Hangers for Aluminum Mouldings
AMS manufactures these screws in the USA. These screws are described as "set" or "pan head". Set screws are headless and will not protrude above hardware when installed. Pan head screws have a curved head that keeps screws from being installed lower than desired. Prices for other package quantities available upon request.
1/4-28 Headless Set Screws for #11 Hardware
0.200" Slotted set screws; 20,000/box S41C Call for quote  
1/4" Slotted set screws - Yellow; 25,000/box 11-3B-2    
9/32" Slotted set screws; 25,000/box 11-3B-4    
1/4" Phillips/slotted set screws; 20,000/box S40C    
10-32 Headless Set Screws
0.300" Slotted set screws; 25,000/box 10-3F-1 Call for quote  
0.160" Slotted set screws; 20,000/box 10-3A-2    
10-32 Screws with Pan Heads
3/16" #6 Phillips/slotted pan head screws; 25,000/box 10-3BC-6 Call for quote  
3/16" #8 Phillips/slotted pan head screws; 25,000/box 10-3BC-8    
7/32" #6 Phillips/slotted pan head screws; 25,000/box 10-3DC-6    
1/4" #5 Phillips/slotted pan head screws; 25,000/box 10-3EC-5    
0.300" #5 Phillips/slotted pan head screws; 25,000/box 10-3FC-5    
1/8" #5 Phillips/slotted pan head screws; 20,000/box 10-3AC    
8-32 Pan Head Screws are available. Call Customer Service for sizes and pricing.

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