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$150.00 minimum order requirement for domestic shipments.
For orders less than $150.00 but greater than $100.00 there will be a $35.00 handling fee.
$300.00 minimum order for exports.
AMS Staplers, Fitting Tools and Micro Pinner
Staplers and Staples Fitting Tools and Flexi-Tabs Micro Pinner and Pins
Contact AMS Customer Service for Special Pricing on Larger Quantities.
The AMS Standard-Fire Flexi Tab Tool inserts one Flexi-Point or Rigitab per press of trigger into wood mouldings to quickly clip frame load into frame. The nosepiece is designed to allow Flexi-Point insertion almost horizontally. After firing, just slide the tool over to the next point of insertion rather than lifting away from frame for speed and efficiency. Tabs are inserted at an angle, which means they need to be pressed down to complete assembly. This tool is lightweight and can be loaded quickly without change of work position.
Made in the EU Standard single-shot tool SFLX1 $ 310.00 / Each
New Jumbo Style Pneumatic Flexitool
uses 1” (25mm) Jumbo flexipoints
SFLX4 Call for quote
AMS Flexi-Points can be used with SFLX1, SFLX2 and other standard Flexi-Tab Tools to clip frame load into backloaded frames. These Flexi-Points are 9/16" (15mm) long, 3/16" (5mm) wide and 23/64" (0.35mm) thick.
  Flexible Tabs; Plated Black FLX02   15,000/box $ 114.00 / Box
Rigid Tabs; Plated Zinc FLX06   10,000/box Call for quote
NEW in the AMS Assortment -- Jumbo Flexipoints
Jumbo flexipoints are 0.5mm thick, whereas regular flexipoints are 0.35mm thick. They are thick enough to be hard enough to hold properly even big and heavy frames, but still in metal that makes them slightly flexible.

Jumbo flexipoints are ideal for big poster frames, mirrors, etc…
Jumbo Flexipoints FLX08   3,000/box Call for quote
AMS Flexible Framer's Points can be used with Fleximaster® Tools to clip frame load into backloaded frames. These arrow-shaped Flexi-Points are 5/8" (15mm) long and 0.015" (0.35mm) thick.
Made in the EU Rigid Tabs; Plated Black FLX11MM   3400/box $ 34.00 / Box

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